DCLab recruit new member six times per year on every even month. Each applicant must meet requirement criteria, submit required documents and have an interview with lab recruiter. Applicant will be evaluated and await for the result. Each successful applicant is required to  attend the orientation session prepared by lab member.  If you fail, you are encouraged and eligible to re-apply when you feel that you are well qualified. DCLab does not seek for the most talented students, but rather seek for the most passionate and dedicated students who want to maximize their potential.

Recruitment Schedule Month : Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug

For more information about the online courses, please contact Ms. OUM Sotheara via +855 11 639 625 or Telegram of this number.


      Requirement Criteria

      Educational Background
      Year 3, 4, 5, Master, Ph.D
      Computer Program
      Familiar with Arduino, MATLAB, SIMULINK
      Duration wish to spend within DCLab
      more than 1 year

      Required Document

      MATLAB Onramp
      SIMULINK Onramp
      STATEFLOW Onramp

      Note:You can learn the required courses online for free via Mathwork website. To fulfill eligibility criteria, you must at least upload the certificates of MATLAB Onramp, Simulink Onramp, and Stateflow Onramp that you receive from the online courses. The following is instruction for you to start learning the 3 online courses.

      1. Create a Mathwork account via

      2. Go to You may be asked to log in your Mathwork account

      3. Choose MATLAB Onramp course, then you can start learning

      To learn Simulink Onramp and Stateflow Onramp, you must install MATLAB together with Simulink on your own PC first (version 2019b or later) before you can start learning these online courses.


      Step 1 Click On  Become A Member
      Step 2 Submit the Required Document
      Step 3 Complete the Form