Importing CAD Assemblies into Simscape Multibody

Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, shows you how to import CAD assemblies into Simscape Multibody™ using Onshape. Onshape is a browser-based CAD platform with an interface to the MATLAB® and Simulink® ecosystem. Christoph picks a 3D double wishbone suspension example which is similar to the use case presented in the Physical Modeling training. Please refer to the training to learn how to use Simscape Multibody.

Signing up at Onshape
Anyone can create a user account at Onshape . Working with Onshape is free-of-charge if one agrees that models are public. Onshape also offers professional / enterprise access which is free of charge for teachers and students,

The MATLAB command smexportonshape downloads assemblies from Onshape, stores them as step files, and creates an XML-based assembly definition file. The only information required is the assembly URL from Onshape.

smimport is the general command to create a Simscape Multibody model from exported CAD files.

Different CAD platforms come with different commands and workflows to export CAD data for Simscape Multibody import. A very similar workflow using Simscape Multibody Link has been presented in a previous episode of this series. Depending on the CAD platform, Onshape or Simscape Multibody Link can be the preferred option.
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