Dynamics and Control Laboratory

DCLab was founded in 2015 by Dr. Srang Sarot with the goal of fostering knowledge absorption for the next generation of talented engineers to become resourceful professionals. In our laboratory, we explore and apply knowledge in various fields ranging from robot and medical device development to spacecraft development. For advancing researches, we focus on modeling, simulation, control system, robotics, artificial intelligence, system identification, and estimation. The gathered knowledge is constantly diffused via some activities such as an online intensive course, robot club, space club, conference, and collaboration with private/public entities. DCLab has office space and tools for student members to apply their technical knowledge. While working in DCLab, students are exposed to various hands-on training projects which can be applied from daily life application to advanced research.

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Team Work

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Main Research Group

There are four main research groups within DCLab:

Artificial Intelligent

(Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Identification, Logistics, and Optimization)

Robotics and Autonomous Navigation

(Robotics, Estimation, Identification, Control System, Sensor Fusion, and Localization and Mapping)


(Aircraft Structural Design, Finite Element Analysis, Rocket Propulsion, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Drone, and Spacecraft)

Internet of Things

(Data Collection, Telecommunication, Network, Cloud Processing, Software, and Application Framework)

Data Science

(Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Big Data)

Management Structure

The laboratory is running in the same way as a company does. It has structure and people to handle all positions. Students are exposed to not only lab-based education culture but also entrepreneurship, and will gain entrepreneurial skills from learning by doing.

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