Mind Palace

Author: Phayuth Yonrith

What is Mind Palace?

If you ever saw the Sherlock Holmes series or movie you would know what it is.

In terms of the memory, our brain can store 2 types of memory, short term memory and long term memory.

Short and Long Term Memory

  • Short term memory is the information that the brain can recall for a short period of time after remembering.

  • Long term memory is the information that the brain can recall even for a long period of time after that happened. 

  • Transition from short term memory to long term memory required a person to recall or review short term memory regularly and practice.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Holmes

Credit : BBC

  • Mind Palace is a short term memory method

  • Mind Palace is a technique that utilizes the imaginary place inside your mind to help the user remember things.

  • Mind Palace has been widely used in many situations where users have a low amount of time to remember something especially in the memory championship competition.

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USA 18th Memory Championship

Credit :PR Newswire

How does it work?
Mind Palace could work with any kind of place you want. To build your own mind palace, First you have to imagine a place inside your mind. Take a place such as:

  • Your own house

  • Room

  • School

  • Classroom

  • Office

  • Garden

that you are strongly familiar with.

Then, you starting to see stuff such as:

  • Furniture

  • Table

  • Bed

  • Closet

  • Chair

  • Computer

  • Hanging Wall Picture

By mentally walking into that place, put any idea or stuff that you want to remember associated with those above things. Imagine that stuff has a dynamic interaction with each other and always start walking in the same path and look in the same direction. It helps you remember easier because the memory is starting to become a picture or a video inside your mind.

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Illustration of the Mind Palace

Credit : Common Creative

List of stuff that commonly remember:

  • Recipe

  • Shopping List

  • Some Test Questions

  • Any Step by Step Tutorial

Revisit that place again and start to call out the memory that is associated with that. The more the practice you have, the more it is clinging on to you.
To be able to deeply understand stuff, mind palace can help you to remember the initial encounter. But you have to regularly review and study more.