Sarot Srang, Ph.D.

Room 102, Building H,
Research and Innovation Center,
Russian Federation Boulevard, P.O.Box 86,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


2020 - Present    Head of Techno Incubation Center (TIC)

2019 - 2020        Coordinator of Master Program of Intelligent Mechatronics

2017 - Present    Head research unit of Mechatronics and Information Technology

2015 - Present    Head of Dynamics and Control Laboratory, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

2014 - 2015        Lecturer and researcher at Institute of Technology of Cambodia

2009 - 2011        Lecturer at Institute of Technology of Cambodia


2011 - 2014        Ph.D., Department of Mechanical and Control System Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

2007 - 2009        Master of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

2002 - 2007        Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Training and Hands-on
  1. 2019: Training on PLC and SCADA provided by Mitsubishi Electric.

  2. 2017: Training on Applied Mathematics involving Random Process, Stochastic Calculus, Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, and Simulation Methods. The courses were instructed by French professors from the Department of Applied Mathematics, École National Superieur d’Informatique pour l’Industie et l’Entreprise. There were hands-on solving
    problems using machine learning algorithms and coding.

  3. 2016: Seminar on Science and Technology Policy and Management, China. It was a two weeks
    seminar that covers the history of the whole Policy, the S&T Policy for Agriculture, and the S&T Policy for High-Tech. All the trainees were guided to visit Science Parks, Incubator Centers, S&T Information Center, and the Agricultural Research Center.

  4. 2016: Operacy: Key to Personal Empowerment, Success and Leadership, Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

  5. 2016: Project management for manufacturing executive provided by the Technology Promotion Association (Thai-Japan), Thailand.

  6. 2015: Machine shop operation, management, and safety provided by Kyoto University, Japan.

  7. 2014: Attending the presentation of an energy audit for Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. The presentation talked about the introduction of using IoT technology for monitoring energy
    consumption and the usage of every device in the university.

  8. 2010: Short-term research on using unscented Kalman for state and parameter estimation in
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

  9. 2010: Automation software (PLC) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
    provided by Schneider Electric, Cambodia. The course was hands-on using Vijeo Citect software for the SCADA system to monitor and control electrical and electronic devices.


  1. 2021 - 2023: Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport

  2. 2021 - 2023: Asian office of Aerospace Research and Development, US Air Force

  3. 2019 - 2020: Ministry of Economy and Finance

  4. 2019 - 2021: Ministry of Environment

  5. 2017 - 2018: US Air Force, Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development

  6. 2015 - 2016: Takahashi Foundation

  7. 2010 - 2011: Research-for-Alumni grant (AUN/SEED.Net)


  1. Dynamical modeling and control simulation for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and solar tracker

  2. Estimation of dynamical systems with a discontinuous vector field, Kalman-type filters for linear and nonlinear systems

  3. Gyro drift rate estimation

  4. Interpolation based on quaternion

  5. Adaptive control for actuator nonlinearity

  6. Optimization: Linear programming, dynamic programming, line search, Lagrange multiplier,
    Network regulation

  7. Optimal control: linear quadratic regulator, and model predictive control

  8. Unknown input observer, fault detection, and isolation observers

  9. Estimation of stochastic singular systems, and descriptive systems

  10. Estimation over unreliable communication networks

  11. Stability based on interval observer

  12. Semistability theory for differential inclusions

  13. System identification for industrial robots

  14. Motion planning and manipulability and control on wireless feedback

  15. Dynamic modeling for a multicopter

  16. Design, modeling, simulation, and virtual reality animation

Practical Work
  1. Programing machine learning, deep learning, and other artificial intelligence algorithms and deploy to hardware such as Nvidia Jetsons (TK1, TX2, and AGX Xavier) using MATLAB GPU Coder and Robot Operating System (ROS).

  2. 2018: Consultant on SCADA system installation for electrical power substations. We the consulting team checked all the technical aspects such as the selection of devices based on specification, technical drawing, method of statement for installation, Factory Acceptant Test (FAT), Insulation Test, Site Acceptant Test (SAT), Testing, and Commissioning.

  3. 2017 - 2018: Part-time Project Manager for Senserey Construction Co., Ltd.

  4. 2016: Design and build mechatronics systems and machinery such as solar tracker system and screw flight forming machine. I directly lead a team to design and simulate the machine in computer software. Then, the machine was manufactured and successfully tested.

  5. 2010 - 2017: Control programming such as Labview, SCADA, xPC target of Simulink Real-time toolbox (MATLAB), C/C++ for Arduino, and Python for Raspberry Pi. These tools are used to control machines and especially robots.

  6. 2010 - 2017: Use of electronic devices and cards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PCI 6601/6602 from National Instrument, and Speedgoat target machine.

  7. 2010: Use of CNC milling machine to make parts of a SCARA robot. I programmed in the machine to automatically manufacture parts of the robot.

  8. 2010: Design, create, and control the SCARA robot and 4 DOF robot manipulator. The robot was designed on a computer and manufactured. I modeled the kinematics, inverse kinematics, and dynamics for the robots, and simulated them. The SCARA robot was also built to test in real-time control.

  9. 2010: Fast prototyping using xPC target.

  10. 2008: Control of DC motor, stepper motor, and servo motors. I modeled the dynamic of a DC
    motor and identified all of its parameters. I have also used all of these motors for controlling small machines and robots.


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